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Free Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer

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For more than 20 years, the CDC has quietly been providing free or low-cost screening for breast and cervical cancer for women without insurance or other resources via the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. While cancer fundraising organizations spend millions on pink scarves and paid spokespeople, this program actually provides direct services to people in need and saves live in the process. Way to go, CDC!!

Ladies, if you\'re 50 or over (40 if breast cancer runs in your family! ) forget wearing pink this month, and get out there and get a mammogram! Also, every adult woman on this board (with rare exceptions) should be getting a PAP smear at least every other year. No, neither of these is a lot of fun, but both are a breeze compared to chemotherapy and hair loss. Even more importantly, take a look around you at the people that love you, seriously, think about them right now for a minute: your partner, kids, parents, friends. Aren\'t they worth you taking care of yourself so you\'re around a long time for them? I\'d say everyone of you is worth the time it takes to get an exam! If you have the resources, call your primary physician or get yourself one. If you don\'t have insurance or funds, then the CDC has your answer. The link below will tell you where to call for information on getting an appointment for either breast or cervical cancer screening in your area for no or little cost. Why not get that appointment set up right now?!

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