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Phil!! Please read - Terrapin Crossroads

#50419 3 years, 2 months ago
I live in Fairfax, CA and myself and MANY OTHER residents and businesses are eagerly anticipating the opening of 'Terrapin Crossroads'. As with all changes there is some opposition, this is a MINORITY opposition. But they are using some DIRTY TRICKS as the GOP would say.

First they put a flyer full of lies out and scared all the old folks at the Bennett House, an assisted living facility boarding the proposed location of TC. It used words like "vagrancy, crime, HIPPIES CAMPING ONTHE HILL”. Basically a "you don't want a bunch of dirty hippies around town do ya"..Which is funny because Fairfax is the last bastion of free thinking, tolerance and music left in Marin county that hasn't been yuppified...FF is a bright star in Marin county. That’s why Phil chose this location.

We quickly put our own flyer with the facts out and debunked the flyer to Bennett house. I have first-hand knowledge that the manager of Bennett house is planning on coming to the town council meeting on this subject to express his concerns, but also his overall support for the project.

This second event is what concerns me most, it seems the "opposition" showed up aut Phil's residence and put some signs and banners in his yard stating the "Fairfax doesn’t want you here" , "No Terrapin Crossroads", etc...I KNOW this to be true, although I may get the exact sentiment wrong.

My friends in the chamber and city council now tell me that Phil has pulled his item from the agenda. I guess the disgruntled fun police showing up at Phil's place of residence has unnerved him a bit.

DON'T let this idiot MINORITY push you around Phil!

I'm all around downtown Fairfax and I know you have OVERWHELMING support from the community, they have a few legitimate concerns, but we love you Phil. You're one of US.

I don't think Phil knows, but there's a large resident population planning to show that meeting. I has become a big issue in local politics and minds. This is going to be a referendum on the entire concept, everyone I know is going.

A Terrapin Crossroads representative needs to be at that meeting, even if the agenda item has been pulled . If these folks show up and Phil or someone representing TC isn't there it could be the nail in the coffin so to speak.

DON'T LET THE CLOSED-MINDED minority push you around. These people are like the Tea Party. They DO NOT represent the spirit or wishes of the town. They are outsiders who don't have "time-in" Fairfax and want to turn Fairfax into another snotty Mill Valley.

Either way, WE WILL BE THERE with a PETITION to make sure YOU KNOW.

"Fairfax Loves Phil"..

Peri's , 19 Broadway, Fradelizios, Naves, The Scoop, The Chamber, The City Council..These I know off the top of my head.

What follows is a letter from the head of the chamber of commerce regarding "Terrapin Crossroads"
From: wendy baker < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Date: August 10, 2011 9:05:03 AM PDT

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Subject: Aug 17th Council Mtg - Please come and support the new music venue you've been hearing about!

Dear Members

Please see the summary below from Phil and Jill Lesh describing their proposal for a new music venue that will enhance the streetscape along Sir Francis Drake, next to where the Good Earth is now, in the site of the old rundown Ernst Kuehn auto repair. A drawing of the proposed venue is coming via separate email. The Mission Statement covers the details including the benefits to the town and business community.

The Chamber will also review the project at its next board meeting but there is great enthusiasm already from businesses!

Note that your opportunity to hear more about the project is:

Wed. Aug 17th
Town Council Mtg
7 - 9:30 pm
46 Park Road - Women's Club

Terrapin Crossroads - Mission Statement

Last summer, my sons Grahame and Brian and I performed at Levon Helm’s legendary Midnight Ramble, held at his barn in Woodstock, NY. It was a magical experience to play music in such a warm, beautiful, intimate, acoustically perfect setting. My wife Jill and I came away with the desire to build a similar place- so we can spend less time on the road, but still make music and be part of a larger community.

The Town of Fairfax is particularly attractive to us as a location for this project, as it is a town that celebrates music and the arts as well as a strong sense of community. Our vision includes not only a home for my music but also a community cultural center, a place where some of the incredibly talented people I have been blessed to meet- musicians and artists, athletes and politicians, academics and authors- will be invited to come and share their talents, to present conversations that will feed both the mind and the soul.

Our goal is to build, from the ground up, a barn adapted for use as a musical performance space. The performance space (to be called the Grate Room) will be 3000 sq ft, and will be soundproofed with thick concrete walls. We will clad it in wood and have beautiful reclaimed beams along with a labyrinth inlaid on an old-wood floor. The performance space will be connected by an enclosed breezeway to the living room, which will serve as a lobby. Besides being an entry, the breezeway will be used to hang art and photography.

I will continue the tradition of Phil Lesh & Friends with revolving lineups that will feature many well-known performers. I will also have what I call my Ramble band, which will have more of an Americana flavor and will include my two sons Grahame and Brian.

As we were in the process of designing the space, we realized from speaking to locals that a community space was needed for youths and for the many non-profits in town. In addition to the performance space, we added an large open beamed room upstairs that will be furnished with comfortable furniture along with a pool table and book shelves filled with books on art, music, poetry etc.

Since we believe strongly in helping young people find their passion, I will host a number of free afternoon workshops for local youth with well-known musicians, artists, photographers, academics, athletes, film producers, politicians, writers, philosophers, actors, poets, etc. in the upstairs Family Room. I also look forward to personally working with young local musicians in School of Rock-type classes.

Jill and I have a long running charitable foundation- the Unbroken Chain Foundation. Over the years we have raised funds, spearheaded blood drives, organized volunteers and put our time and energy into many worthy causes and charities. We hope to continue that tradition in Fairfax while making music and providing inspiration at Terrapin Crossroads.


Terrapin Crossroads Benefits to the Town of Fairfax

* There will be a $5 per ticket fee that will go directly to the Town of Fairfax

We estimate a minimum of $100,000 yearly for Fairfax from this fee.

* Phil will host 6 town concerts a year with his band made up of local musicians - The Fairfax All-Stars . Fairfax folks would have first access to these tickets. The revenue from these shows would benefit Fairfax. We estimate that these 6 shows would bring in a minimum of $125,000.

* We will have one of our top artists create a yearly collectable “Fairfax - Home of Terrapin Crossroads” poster. Phil will sign the posters and they can be sold at Terrapin Crossroads, as well as in local businesses, we project a $35,000 profit for the Town.

Please note that we can start selling collectable posters once we have our permits.

“Terrapin Crossroads and I know we’ll be there soon” - with a hand drawing of the final version of the building with Phil’s signature, this would be collectable and businesses in town could start selling them and bringing in income for Fairfax before we even break ground.

* We have done many projects raising money as well as manpower with our fans.

For example, Phil, in collaboration with the his charitable foundation Unbroken Chain Foundation, presided over a project to benefit Homeward Bound of Marin, a provider of transitional and long-term housing and support services for homeless people in Marin County. For this endeavor, participants were asked donate funds for materials, along with their time, skills and sweat in helping Homeward Bound remodel hotel rooms into classrooms for children of homeless families. We chose 36 volunteers out of the many that applied and among that group we had licensed contractors, plumbers and electricians and completed the project over a three day week end.

A bar b que dinner and an acoustic performance rewarded them for their hard work.

Phil really enjoys these type of events as he finds that working together for a common good really bonds people and brings benefit to all involved. Phil would enjoy bringing volunteers together to spruce up a park, a town building, local schools in Fairfax.

Wendy Baker
Executive Director,
Fairfax Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 1111
Fairfax, CA 94978
415-847-4004 c. / 415-459-6232 off.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Re: Phil!! Please read - Terrapin Crossroads

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thanks for sharing this stuff

has there been any type of update??
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