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Good times and thanksfullness

#151478 2 years, 6 months ago
So . . . Without any previous hopes to score a ticket, someone materializes with a face value second row balcony for me on 4/6. Dude dug my Maine-oriented shirt, and offered (thanks!), having Maine connections, himself. Along the way, finger in air, I met some very kind people representing Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, California . . . Though there are always those inclined to be self-absorbed, for the most part, I found the little formerly-known-as-Boston Music Hall crowd kind and welcoming to a tourist such as me. This joyous energy is what has kept me coming back into the fold again and again for 30 years. Hopefully, in the process, we impart kindnesses onto each other which we can fold back into our "regular," private lives. I am reminded of what Mickey Hart once said during Jerry's passing ceremony in Golden Gate Park in '95; he said something about taking what we shared and spreading that through the various folds of our existences as Americans. Sure, there are always critics like the dude from the Village Voice who disparage the "loss" of community during this past Beacon run. In contrast, I'm continually struck by the continuity of generosity and friendship and community which pervades this scene and overrides any murmuring negativity. To stand in a waning spot of sun, finger poised in the air, chatting with GREAT people, I am once again inspired to carry a low-burning glow of joy in my belly in all that I do. It doesn't hurt that Phil and Bobby, et al, delivered a fantastic show. It doesn't hurt that the Boston Music Hall, now named Wang, né Metropolitan Theater in 1925, is a beautiful place to see a show. It doesn't hurt that I connected en vivo with folks that I'd chatted with here, on line, only to discover that we'd crossed paths before. It doesn't hurt that despite all the challenges of our lives, we can still find community joy in sharing a passion for music and a quirky, psychedelic, American point of view. Thanks are always in due order, and I'm grateful. How 'bout them apples?

Nice to connect Xonks! Keep making movies Brian! Hope to see you on the road Rochester Steve! Austin and Kerry, you guys are timeless! Thanks to Island Pond for some serious assistance and representation! Peace people. Ain't it "good to know you got shoes to wear when you find the floor?"
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