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Junior Boarder

Re: am i allowed to swear here?

#14326 3 years, 6 months ago
the Hiker wrote:
if you assholes don't want me here then ban me.

I don't understand. I mean yes, America is a free country and you have every right to be a douchebag on any forum you want..but don't you have ANYTHING constructive to do with your limited time on earth?

Just seems immature and wasteful.
Timmy Hoover
Junior Boarder

Re: am i allowed to swear here?

#14558 3 years, 6 months ago
kfender wrote:
I noticed that the hiker and timmy hoover are posting on every thread here.Isn't that the definition of trolling?Pseudo celebrities from the philzone.Think they are half ass famous or something.i wanna be just like them when i grow up.Oh wait I am grown up and they are not lol

It's called participating in a community. I'm a deadhead, Phil and Bob started a forum and I want to participate. That is okay, right?

Don't lump me in with this guy. How have I trolled anyone here?

I'd appreciate it if dumbasses I don't know like you wouldn't talk about me.
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