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David Grisman..downloads and interview on gd radio

#53346 3 years, 2 months ago
David Grisman had a really nice interview on GD radio this weekend (Tales from the golden road). He spoke a lot about playing with Jerry and lots of other musicians. Some highlights for me was how David probably gave the first "national" review of the Warlocks and David was the last person to record with Jerry in the studio. His talk of Jerry was very interesting, David felt they got along great because they were both willing / able to fill in the spaces musically -- meaning it wasn't one lead player and one backup player, rather they know how to compliment each other musically.

David discussed a LOT of artists who have influenced both himself (and Jerry). Apparently they both independently were attracted to the same musical influences. Lot's of old masters. A good interview if you can catch it. He also discussed the extra large pizza tapes (available for download). It was interesting to hear how they were neverr going to release the pizza tapes until they heard a bootleg being playied on WBAI radio (used to be my favorite station in NY for the grateful dead hour -- many moons ago). David also spoke about how he happened to be at a softball game between the Grateful dead and the Jefferson Airplane (starship ??) and how at that game Jerry asked David if he would sit in on the recording of American Beauty. David said sure, and thus the amazing mandolin on Ripple and Friend of the devil.

The interview made me want to dust off my copy of the dvd, Grateful Dawg. By the way, David calls his music Dawg music, a special blend of bluegrass and ????

Here's a link to David's site (there is one free song available for download every day). acousticoasis.com/welcome.html

The GD channel on Sirius XM continues to amaze me... A great way to expand your musical mind.
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Re: David Grisman..downloads and interview on gd radio

#53351 3 years, 2 months ago
I also love "Tales From the Golden Road". Yesterday's was actually a re-run because of Irene, but I didn't have XM when it first aired, so I'm happy they ran it again. Imagine if someone told the boys at the acid tests that some day there would be a 24/7 Grateful Dead radio station with a weekly call in talk show? Do you think they would have believed what they were doing would go on to affect so many lives in the decades to come?
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Re: David Grisman..downloads and interview on gd radio

#53422 3 years, 2 months ago
Big fan of Grisman and saw him many times at mostly smaller venues in the Bay Area, like Great American Music Hall, SF. Also saw the Grisman/Garcia Duo at the Warfield. Got to see the reunion of "Old and in the Way," and Stephane Grappeli play with Grisman's quintet. Saw him here in Alaska three times including a great NYE show.

Grisman is another great innovator who developed a whole new genre of music, integrating several types of music, bluegrass, jazz, latin, etc.. And damn he has got the chops. High energy.

I would love to see David Grisman play with Furthur. I think he is pretty hard core about playing acoustic. I think they could figure out a way to get an acoustic mandolin loud enough...though if would play an electric mandolin that would be awesome. he is a great jammer.
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Re: David Grisman..downloads and interview on gd radio

#53423 3 years, 2 months ago
I was supposed to see him Yesterday for a free show at this tiny vinyl store in Boulder. They said he cancelled last minute. Oh well, they also said he'd do it for sure next time he was in town.

The Dawg is someone I NEED to see at some point.
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