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happy birthday Albert King

#16400 3 years, 6 months ago
born 4/25/1924 and a big influence on Jerry
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Re: happy birthday Albert King

#20616 3 years, 6 months ago
All the Kings really know how to rock the blues: <3 Albert, Freddie and BB. God Bless 'em all in life and death. From all the books I've read on the Dead and Jerry, Freddie King was Jerry's biggest influence out of the three Kings. You can hear it as clear as day in '65, that's all Freddie King style mixed in with his other influences of the times. Throw on some Freddie King from that era, then throw on some old stuff of the Warlocks from the mid-60's, you'll see what I mean about Jerry channelling a lot of Freddie in that era. Garcia was always a fantastic player and his style changed over the years, but in '65 you could easily hear the Freddie King influence in his playing. Jerry's influence at the time was based upon what was popular that he liked then.... Freddie King started putting out an album a year from 1961-1965. Miles Davis was also active and an influence in that era, as were the Rolling Stones (the Dead was practically a Stone's cover band when they first started, and they really did a rocking good job at the Stone's tunes, too). Needless to say, I love Grateful Dead history and lore.

"The Grateful Dead," Jerry Garcia explained, "don't really take positions; we're musicians, not politicians."
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