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Robert Hunter at Miller Symphony Hall 9/28/13

#287050 1 year, 1 month ago
My recording of Robert Hunter in Allentown 9/28/13 is up on LMA for streaming and downloading, enjoy...


Robert Hunter
Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown, PA
September 28th, 2013
AKG 391 (ORTF) > MixPre-D > Marantz PMD 661
SDHC Card > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor > FLAC

Recorded, Transferred and Posted by DigiGal
** 16-bit/44.1Khz **

disc 01 [Set I]
01 applause
02 Box Of Rain
03 Dire Wolf
04 Peggy-O
05 Cruel White Water
06 Ship Of Fools
07 Candyman
08 Silvio
09 New Speedway Boogie

disc 02 [Set II]
01 applause/banter
02 Brown-Eyed Women
03 Deal
04 Talking Money From Tree Blues
05 Friend Of The Devil
06 Jack Straw
07 Stella Blue
08 Tiger Rose
09 Brokedown Palace
10 Rubin And Cherise
11 Scarlet Begonias
12 encore break
13 E1:Ripple
14 E2:Boys In The Barroom

AKG CK91 (ORTF) > Gotham 13001 GAC-2pair on AKG MK90/3 connectors > MixPre-D AES Out >
PMD661 S/PDIF In via passive impedance conversion cable. Mics at 5 ft height located
in the sweet spot, 2nd row of orchestra floor. Tracked to fit on 2 CD's as indicated and join smoothly.

**An Evening with Robert Hunter**

Robert Hunter - vocals, guitar, harmonica

Thanks to Robert Hunter for all the great lyrics and for allowing taping and sharing. There's a fitting nod to Bob Weir
when Robert Hunter forgets the words to a verse during Jack Straw, a song he wrote with Bob Weir and Robert extends
a heartfelt thanks to Jerry Garcia.
Still Searching For The Sound??? My LMA Recordings and My Etree Recordings
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