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May 1977 box set

#291203 12 months ago
What do folks think of this collection of shows ? I just downloaded it ($99) and am listening to 5/11/77 now. So far, as I expected, clear sound, band in excellent form, Jerry sounding strong on vocals and playing great, Phil doing what he does, Bobby in top form. Anyway, didn't really want to pull the trigger and pay this much but after considering that I will probably get many hours of listening bliss from it I went ahead.

Anyhow, for those intimately familiar with Barton Hall, 5/8/77 how do these shows compare IYO ?
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Re: May 1977 box set

#296720 10 months, 4 weeks ago
You really can't go wrong with any '77 shows they were all pretty much uniformly strong shows
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