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Re: The Jerry tone...

#317200 7 months, 1 week ago
The term tone and technique are too closely knit terms in guitarists and especially with Jerry. The famous sparkle crystal clear super high volume with no breakup is all gear. Mainly pickups(high output treble low bass)split dp104 Dimarzio buckers using one coil is the cleanest way to wire a multi-mode bucker. Next onboard low z onboard buffer wired as close to pups as possible out onboard fx loop so all pedals see the true tone @6db without a fluctuating volume. Back into guitar and then volume knob and all the way into the preamp will sound as if your guitar cable is a foot long. Also everything is tru bypassed and multi bypassable with onboard controls and looper style pedal injecting unit.
Next take the most sought out voiced preamp design of all time and make it cleaner than it already is. The 64-67 ab768 fender circuit voiced for the twin rvrb or blues jr.Pot changes,caps,res. upgrades,transformer upgrade. Parts removal and preamp tapped at the vibrato jack bypassing vibrato circuit and out to thee cleanest most variable amplifier. The McIntosh 2300 with its .5ohmto16ohm range and bridgable to 600watts mono has one knob VOLUME. One hint showing you it isn\'t touching the signal only amping it. Huge upgrades to its already king can sized filter caps and sound cards removing noise monitors and normalizer.
Next is the best guitar speaker class ever made the jbl d,e and k series. The E120 ceramic 57lb magnet 4inch voice coil with the unmistakable aluminum dome and 300 watt handling rating which Jer said had blown around 410watts. -103db+103db freq range are the only speaker that gets clearer the louder it gets. Definately 110 10inchers or 120\'s Jbl are a definite Jerry tone must. The D 120 and K are rated at 115 each which Ive heard like 150watts and use alnilco mags. If you were lucky back the day if you picked up an original ab768 fender twin reverb it would come with Jensons or luckily JBL D-120F\'s.
Jerry\'s big E120 stack of four vertically mounted in open back birch wired at 1ohm and hooked to the McIntosh using banana jacks at its 1ohm slot making 1200+ crystal clean watt handling cap. All Jer Tubes went horizontal and his speakers and reverb tanks went vertical. He take a great guitar preamp discards the flawed and noisy amplification sector and takes the cleanest home stereo amplifier and is the flaw remover and feeds an amazing speakers/speaker cab custom designed. Receiving an ultra bright signal from high nickel bright vincis strings,dimarzio splitbucker in middle position(key),brass nut and saddles. The cleanest dream signal was pretty much right along with the arrival of the Tiger and most tone freaks after Jerry\'s tone based their custom quests on the Tiger and the shelved pedal rack especially the buffer and guitar wiring except most will throw 3 buckers in where Tiger had a dimarz single coil. Why guitar companies dont atleast put a pup preferably a bucker u can split or parallel in the middle slot is beyond me. It the sweetest spot to pick and strum and is the perfect distance away from the saddles.

Here\'s a buddy of mine who has played in dead cover band and searching for the sound since no info was available.
Fender Stage 110 ss amp with bass up and mid up and treble down and rvrb on 10 complete opposite Jerry settings. A DOD envelope filter.

1992 audience recording Shakedown<Feelin Alright(Traffic)<Shakedown encore:

part1 youtu.be/HxlTTJFLw9E

part2 youtu.be/0VMrco-tF1w

Now 2012 setup




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Re: The Jerry tone...

#322675 6 months, 1 week ago
How does Kadlecic's setup for Furthur compare? Do you happen to know?
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