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Fresh Boarder

What it is makes Bob Weir such a special musician.

#322863 5 months, 4 weeks ago
"Seeing the Dead for the first time, in 74, as an impressionable teen, changed my life. I was so impressed with Bobby - and the Dead's ridiculously monolithic wall of sound - that as soon as I got back to the dorms at UC Santa Cruz - home of Jerry's Kids - I started playing guitar.

"Bobby has a chunky but fluid style that is very unique. Just listen to the studio version of Casey Jones. As Jerry said, he's the best.
Ace, with his great songs and playing style, was a brilliant and necessary counterpoint to Jerry.
The three of them - Jerry, Bob and Phil -, formed a way of sculpting a triad of rock and roll inventiveness that is unequaled in the world of live music.

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have been so positively influenced by the Dead."

- Ed Meyer.
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