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Fresh Boarder

Stop Smoking in the Beacon

#149304 2 years, 6 months ago
as i'm sure has already been mentioned the Dolan's (owner's of Radio City and MSG) spent millions restoring the interior of the Beacon. they don't want it ruined with smoke.

what is so hard about obeying the rules? smoke or take whatever your going to do before hand. don't smoke inside. security is rabid over it in most cases... yea sure you will find a cool security guard. don't let that fool you. just because you smell smoke or see someone else smoking that doesn't mean it's cool for you. they are watching everyone.

it is NOT COOL to just smoke weed inside. just because you don't see folks smoking cigrarettes that doesn't mean it's ok to smoke weed just because you smell it or see someone getting away with it. the Supervisors are out there hammering the ushers to hassle people. the usher may be under so much pressure to throw someone out they may just toss the first person in their path.

most of you people are from out of town. if you attend concerts at the Beacon regularly you would know it is very cool to smoke outside in the back in the smoking area. they will let you smoke anything you want. all you want. just not inside.

just keep your cool till the intermission and make your way to the rear doors and go outside and it's like an opium den. with the long intermissions there is plenty of time to make your way through the crowed smoke all you like and get back through the crowed back to you seat in plenty of time.

i have been tossed at random and refused to leave. had the supervisor there and everyone around me had lit joints in his face saying here toss me... but no, i was the one who was going.
Junior Boarder

Re: Stop Smoking in the Beacon

#149523 2 years, 6 months ago
thanks for the tip but it's a little late now
These are the good old days!!
Fresh Boarder

Re: Stop Smoking in the Beacon

#151019 2 years, 6 months ago
do you really think the owners of the beacon are naive to the fact that if you have concerts there will be no smoking? I'm sure it's factored in and the place can handle it. thanks for the concern.


ps - I didn't see any excessive smoking.
Junior Boarder

Re: Stop Smoking in the Beacon

#151221 2 years, 6 months ago
cigs can be different, but IMO if you dont want weed smoked in your venue dont host grateful dead related bands. not because im entitled to smoke herb just because im seeing a dead show, but because of the problems and confusion it causes...as evidenced by the last furthur run

and a few nights of pot smoking wont do anything to their venue...
Junior Boarder

Re: Stop Smoking in the Beacon

#151231 2 years, 6 months ago
People smoking at the Beacon is the least of James Dolan's problems! Keep in mind he is also the owner of the Knicks..........

I am pretty sure the Beacon will make a full recovery.
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