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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196297 2 years, 1 month ago
illuminaughty wrote:
lewis, i read this review, and i respect your opinion, i havent heard this show yet so ill just assume you were right on with your comments, that said:
dude, posting a review to a show you listening to via a internet stream is lame.
heres why, you werent there, and there are probably tens if not hundreds of thousands over the world that listened to that show as it streamed, or shortly thereafter. they seem to get why their reviews would be seen as less than relavent.
its your time, you spend, so what ever gets you off, but i think its a bit conceted to think that there are people out there in "deadhead land" that give a damn about your opinion of show you only listened to online.
people read reviews from people who where there so they can hear the things the recording didnt pick up. like epic glowstick wars, or phil doin that silly dance he does.
why o why do so many poeple today think their opinions are like bettter than anyone elses.
its like bloggin.
everyone blogs, noone reads them.
anyway my point, please dont turn into one of those "deader than thou" people that quote setlist from the last 4 years by heart, and argue about who sang morning dew last summer at buckeye lake.
just dont.

Love you brother but Dude Burt hits the nail on the head every review, present at the show or not. Sure I do not agree with some of his input (such as how I thought the Althea and China Cat at RR we're no bueno), but this kid has the ears of a true musician and I revel in vicariously seeing shows through him. Keep it up Burt as I said before I wanna be like you when I grow up (doubt I'll ever grow up but it's a grate backup).

Oh and Illuminaughty, you coming to any of the SD,Vegas, LA, or SB shows? I just made a new batch of hash oil let's get twisted man!
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196324 2 years, 1 month ago
A review of much in the eyes and perception of each person. There is the sound of the venue, how well the band played, or if one had an off night. The lights, security, lot scene, the beer line, the lady farting next you, or the art dancer (LOL!!). So this is all very subjective. I like reading any review. I'm often not at a keyboard so avoid lengthy comments like a review and am grateful for other sharing their perceptions, whether it be in a hotel room or sitting on the rail. Tell your stories dammit and eat your medication boys and girls.
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196352 2 years, 1 month ago
get Chris Larson's recording of the Seattle show. he pulled a real gem!!! bt.etree.org/details.php?id=558846
We will all be together for ever and ever when we make it to the promised land
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196365 2 years, 1 month ago
I have only listened to streams of his tour, but I don't see anything wrong with offering a review of a show whether the person is at the show or not - it's just an opinion! The streams so far have also been like soundboards (A HUGE thanks to the people streaming!) so we are getting a pretty idea of what the shows were like. I do recognize that the experience can be very different when you are actually at a show but so what? Someone who was at the show is free to offer a different perspective. If we are going to get picky, then I would submit that no can offer show reviews unless they go to every show. A show may seem amazing to someone who has not gone to other shows whereas a person who has gone to all the shows may realize that the show is actually no where as good as the other shows previous to it.

At any rate, I generally agree with wlewis's review; I also like Still Takin it Weirder 's comments about the shows so far.
From someone who is just listening to the streams, I am enjoying the shows but finding them wildly inconsistent, especially compared to Summer tour, which I thought was really strong from start to finish. These shows have had highlights where they are playing even better than this summer, but also have (a lot of ) moments where the band seems unsure of what they are playing. I have gone back and listened to all the shows and, again, parts are awesome. I love the Other One from the first night, for example, and Shakedown has an awesome groove to it, but much of the rest of the show is meah. Everybody seemed to rave about Sat night, yet Phila and Coney Island night one were similar shows and much much more together to my ears. Sunday and the Seattle show were a little more consistent, but still not together as summer tour.

I would have to say that I saw some very good signs from the Seattle show. JK went wild on Jack Straw and Bertha and I'm hoping he will continue to be more assertive...
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196377 2 years, 1 month ago
great show! thanks to leo the wharf rat for coming (big smile on his Face day after). thanks to 2 dudes i forgot the names we gave the ticket to and who obliged us in return prior to the show. thanks to the cats in lot especially the impromptu music, good humour and frivolity. thanks to wheel1 for hooking my buddy sarko up with tix......we haven't forgot you my friend and will return one kind favour in kind.

still recovering myself, thanks to naughty breakfast at Glo's, to tai chi last night....still reaching for the Peaches of Enlightenment, nachos, and $6 Oly pitchers at Linda's......oh yeah thanks to jeff at redwood for putting up with us, and of course Wisconsin for herbal kindness.

good luck to my buddy sarko today who left this am for tonight's show, will see you tomorrow 1 pm at the hotel

Again as always, Thanks to the Band for making it all happen

See you in Portland
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196380 2 years, 1 month ago
To take this in a slightly more fun direction, can we all agree that there is no comparison between being in the crowd and listening to a show online? I say ‘fun’ because it is fun to think of the live experiences that I don’t necessarily get when listening online: the energy transfer from stage to crowd and back, “sharing the moment” with fellow heads (though that is also done online to some extent), letting the music surround you as was so easy to do at Red Rocks........
All that said, I can’t wait for tonight’s stream!
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196508 2 years, 1 month ago
i have said my peice bro., but i aint goin nowhere.

seens i may have touched a nerve.

not the first person too point out your "heady ways" i assume.

i thnk you got great musical taste, i rarily read anything you write that i disagree with. i just dong get writing a review to a show you listened to on a stream.

thats like posting your review of new cd.

who, but who, gives a fuck?

i know i knw, i spend more time bitching about it than you did, actually typngin it, but i type fast, (check out the spelling)
and i hit enter alot.

it makes my post seem

more thought out.
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196529 2 years, 1 month ago
i would like to say that i think i come off as kinda of a asshole in this thread. dont go and blame me, its not what i posted i assure you, its the imperection of this medium.
ok, i was givin lewis some shit. but i dont give someone shit unless i like em. now, that dont mean that the person is supposed to be flattered or take my shit, its just my way of flirting.
anyway, i dont want lewis or any underling lurkers to think i have some actual beef. i dont. i think he has xcelent taste is music, and smells better than most of you(xcluding the females).
ok all that said, i stand by my opinion that posting a review to a stream is lame. i dont thk lewis is lame. he is awsome. i was giving him shit.
ok, i had a friend fall down and bust her ass in the middle of the street due to low bloood sugar. i will laugh at her till her dying day for it. but i love her. shes one of my bests friends, but im not goin edit myself.
ok, i feel much less phalic now.
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196902 2 years, 1 month ago
honestly joe you and other people are the only one who uses any of those terms. if you think i'm more heady than you cool i don't even know what it means. i'm somebody who goes to a lot of shows and enjoys the music. i enjoy playing it too. i review shows i was at and shows i wasn't at but had the opportunity to listen to carefully on my own time.

i know you are just stirring the pot but you've got to know when to pick your battles man because sometimes you just sound like a jackass. you're cool i don't dislike you i just don't get the attitude online. you're quiet and reserved in person. there are so many other people here who contribute absolutely nothing why don't you harass them?
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Re: REVIEW: seattle

#196919 2 years, 1 month ago
I think Illuminaughty is envious of your "headier than thou trust fund". You trusties just have to learn to accept the hate man
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