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HOT SHIT!!! Sweetwater 1/19/2013

#230305 1 year, 9 months ago
Hot shit (sorry mom)....Let it Grow...reminiscent of 3.24.93 Chapel Hill and Berlin 10.20.90 with that beautiful Bruce solo at the end of the song where its just him...St. Stephen...here we go...strap in...lads...HOT SHIT!!!!!!!(watching Veneta 72 in the background...totally sober and higher than i've ever been on these guys...) Cassidy and Kesey are driving the bus...Babs on the mic...man does it feel good to be a part of this...been on the bus since 91 at sixteen, and it's JUST gettin' good...

Solid, serene, cosmic, Chain...that was just about as honest a vibe as you could want. You can just feel the sincerity oozing from the axis to the ether...wait, what do they call it? Oh yeah, X-FACTOR

Gorgeous. Simply delicious. It is a good time to be a music fan in NorCal. It is going to be something so special within the next few years. Full circle from the Acid Tests to Soldier Field as the X-Factor is granted the brow of the phoenix. MLK, Woody Guthrie, Ram Das, Hoffman etc... it is reborn...
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