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Re: CONTEST: Set List Prediction Game 4/24!

#255643 1 year, 5 months ago
Total scores for this round. Updated scores will be posted in the new prediction thread soon. Always double check

RowTimmy 3
RollAwayTheDew 4
DaisyMae 1
Sustainabill 7
PatchMyFurthur 6
LBDowling 3
NYCDave 4
Zipster 4
DenverMan 3
SunshineSue 9
BRad 6
MushroomMan 5
WharfRatRoss69 4
Furthurflower67 5
DrBakes 7
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Re: CONTEST: Set List Prediction Game 4/24!

#255670 1 year, 5 months ago
Quick Recap of the Contest so far:

4/15: FurthurFlower67 wore the leader's jersey after a quick start and a 2 point lead on the first night of the tour.

4/16 Despite being shut out on opening night, 23Atwell made a strong showing on the second night. MushroomMan kept pace with him to finish in a tie for the high score of 5 points on this night. FurthurFlower67 maintained her 2 point lead over DenverMan. but MushroomMan closed the gap as he caught DenverMan.

4/17 DenverMan exploded into the lead with a score of 11 to win the show and take the lead in the contest after the third show. FurthurFlower67 held onto second place, just 1 point ahead of MushroomMan and ChrisMurray. DrBakes lurked just a point below those two, and the rest of the pack is not too far behind.

4/19 GratefullyJohn and Sustainabill shared the lead for this show with strong performances of 10 points each. FurthurFlower67 regained the lead in the overall standings while Denver Man trails by just 1 point. The pack at the top has tightened up as MushroomMan is 1 point behind DenverMan, DrBakes kept pace and is 1 point behind MushroomMan, and SunshineSue is just a point behind DrBakes while Sustainabill, WharfRatRoss69, and ChrisMurray are all within striking distance of the lead.

4/20 DrBakes burst ahead of the pack, matching DenverMan's previous high score of 11, to win the show and take the overall lead. DenverMan inched ahead of FurthurFlower67 by 1 point, and he only trails DrBakes by a point. MushroomMan is just a point behind FurthurFlower67 while Sustainabill, SunshineSue, and WharfRatRoss69 lurk just a few points behind.

This probably would have been a high scoring affair as lots of us were ready to hear certain tunes. I would have matched my personal high score with 10 points, but there are probably a few who would have scored more.
This event seems to have disheartened a fair number of competitors as the turnout for 4/23 has thinned considerably.

4/23 FurthurFlower67 returned to the overall lead as she became the first competitor to win 2 rounds in this game. May FurthurFlower67 proudly wear the leader's tie dye jersey today as she leads DrBakes by 2 points. MushroomMan by 3 points, DenverMan by 4 points, and SunshineSue and Sustainabill by 5 points. There's a tight pack at the top, but it's still anybody's game, and a new leader could still emerge from behind the frontrunners.

4/24 SunshineSue will be wearing the tie dye jersey as she won the penultimate round at the Capitol Theatre, and moved within a point of the leaders. Dr. Bakes has matched the overall score of FurthurFlower67 to tie for the lead in the standings, while MushroomMan and Sustainabill are just 3 points behind the leaders.
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