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Platinum Boarder

DSO last Saturday

#268215 1 year, 3 months ago
Ive been to a few DSO shows in my life but Saturday nights in Chicago is the best show Ive seen in a long time, regardless of who the band is. The setlist was 4-8-72 Wembley in England. Everybody in the band was really bringin' it hard. Jim Allard on bass was fantastic, as they all were. He does kinda look like Phil a bit being tall blonde and thin. Being a '72 show the only singing he did was backup. I will say that the Dark Star-Sugar Mags-Caution was completely mind blowing. If it comes up on archive you really should take a listen. Maybe I should listen before I say that. I know it was in the moment and all but one of the best nights of Dead music in my life. Great company and great music. Thank You DSO!
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