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Re: Set List: Furthur in Brooklyn, NY on July 11, 2013

#272716 1 year, 3 months ago
Thanks to Jeff Pehrson for
Just how tall ARE the shower heads in an NBA lockerroom?!

Thank You Jerry
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Re: Set List: Furthur in Brooklyn, NY on July 11, 2013

#273292 1 year, 3 months ago
Caught an early flight to get out east for the run. First show with so much anticipation of the days to come. Rode the train down to Jersey to meet Strider and Wunderland and then met up with NYC Dave and his friend to have a pre-show meal in Brooklyn right across the street from the venue.

Venue was really nice, they had the A/C blasted which was a real treat. Staff was thick but mostly polite until the lights went out and then were on the hunt (aggressively) for smoking on the floor. We all have a job to do......they were just doing theirs.

First Set- Stranger Tour opener was cool, into DTR which is a fav of mine. Hell in a Bucket-okay Bobby lets hear it! He nailed it and added the Weir sharp chesse. Fantastic! Great to see he is doing well. Cold rain and snow was tight. FOTD was a treat for me, for some reason I always seem to miss this one and it is a favorite. Jack Straw was GOOD, but never launched in my opinion and I am a Jack Straw connoisseur, Jeffs keys keep trying to light the fuse, but never took off again in my opinion.

Set Break: No re-entry/No smoking section did find little bear and catlin and strider and wunderland for a set break pic.

Second Set- found some space to share a quick cig with my lady (no choice) Here come Sunshine-love the animation from Sunshine on this one always. ruben n cherise-meh, not a song I like, but was well done. Greatest story ever told. WOW that got the place moving. Jeffs keys were smoking on that one too. UJB-I HAVE SEEN the LIGHT! Loved it! The Wheel-this was the highlight of the show for me and a finalist for top songs of the tour for me. They seemed to add so much to this one, so tight so strong and again Jeffs keys tore the roof off this arena. Bound to cover just a little more ground- seemed fitting for me that night. Also can we all remember to erupt into cheers when they sing a lil bit furthur? Unbroken Chain-Phil always looks like an angel to me when singing this one. Brings tears to my eyes-Listening for the secret, searching for the sound the jams and were tasty and the transitions were flawless.......Let it Grow, dada boy bobby (though I felt no need to repeatedly yell that) like the nob behind me. We love You was a surprise, liked it. Let it grow reprise to send us home with was cool with me.

Post Show-Scarlet Fire, Mushroomman, and a lil furthur,stricken and some others all found each other for a meet n greet and pictures. was great to see some of the east coast FFF right away.

All together I though it was a solid show and was pleased to see Bob doing well. Thought to myself he was playing like someone that has a little something to prove and I was excited to see how that vigor played out the rest of the tour.
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Re: Set List: Furthur in Brooklyn, NY on July 11, 2013

#273787 1 year, 2 months ago
Eco - you need to write up a review for all the shows
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Re: Set List: Furthur in Brooklyn, NY on July 11, 2013

#274305 1 year, 2 months ago
yeah staff was rough , me and my friend ang had a much better time after we jumped the little barrier and got down on the floor to dance
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