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#271097 1 year, 3 months ago
Round 3 - Philadelphia - Recap

This round ended in a 3-way tie for the lead as Chester, rollawaythedew, and Straws each finished with 7 points. They all wear their tie-dyed jerseys as winners of this round as they enter the Cooperstown Round. Straws has overtaken MushroomMan as the overall leader with 16 points. Wharfratross69 has moved into second place with a score of 14, and Chester and rollawaythedew follow close behind with 13 points each.

Round 2 - Holmdel - Recap

DenverMan and Wharfratross69 were 2 of 5 in the pack of 23 who correctly chose Truckin as the show opener. DenverMan had the hot hand in the first set as he also correctly chose a wild card pick and the closer. Before the night was over, Wharfratross69 would catch DenverMan as he called 2 bonus picks in their exact locations. They finished the round in a tie for the lead with 7 points, and today they sport their tie dye jerseys as co-winners of round 2.

MushroomMan continued to lead the overall standings as he scored 5 points to bring his total score to 11. 23atwell, rollawaythedew, and Straws only trail MushroomMan by 2 points, and the rest of the pack is not far behind.

Round 1 - Brooklyn - Recap

The first set opener, Feel Like a Stranger, quickly brought 2 points to 23atwell, AcidTestGraduate, and MushroomMan.
23atwell proceeded to burst ahead of the pack as he scored 4 more points in the first set. MushroomMan and rollawaythedew each ended the first set with 3 points in a tie for second place.

MushroomMan continued to show the consistency that he exhibited during the spring tour as he scored another 3 points in the second set while rollawaythedew scored 2 points and 23atwell got shut out. These 3 now lead the pack of 22 with 23atwell and MushroomMan sharing the lead as winners of the Brooklyn show. rollawaythedew is just 1 point behind, and all competitors, including those who have not yet begun, still have excellent chances in the prediction game. Have fun!
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