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Bears Picnic review

#276521 1 year, 2 months ago
Overall a great weekend filled with top notch music.
The new venue is big so big it gave the appearance that there was not many people there. There was 600 less people than last year. A total of 70 venders of merchandise and 7 food venders.
I have only one complaint about the weekend and that is if your going to post a time when the gate opens then open it at that time. I dont know what the reason was that the gate did not open till 6pm. with darkstar opening at 8 it was a rush to get camp set up in time for the show. None of the reasons from the poor guy manning the gate made much sense with all the people giving him shit about not being able to set up there camps. It was like no one knew what they had to do or what gate they needed to line up for. there was 8 gates around the place and only one was open for venders to get through.
It was so frustrating i told the guy at the gate that if they didnt open the gate in 10 minutes i was selling my ticket and heading home. well it opened 15 minutes later and im glad i didnt head home but it was damn close.
All of the Bands gave great performances however for whatever reason on friday night the sound mix for J.K.band was the worst ive heard in like ever,there was non stop crackling in the system that drove me nuts. So they switched out the mixer for new riders and it was better. And jk played half the night with new riders so that was a plus.
I cant say one band stuck out as a stellar performance but it was across the board good to great music all weekend long.
Im going to be the first to start the rumor that Furthur will be playing there next year for 2 days. Certainly big enough venue and no complaints from the town and the music went on till 4:30 in the morning and past. 0 arrests 1 women left in ambulance like 2:30 in the morning sunday
The 105.00 to get in was well worth the music heard along with camping included. The 50 cent showers were out of my budget although it included hot water.
See you all next year.
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Re: Bears Picnic review

#276528 1 year, 2 months ago
Bears Picnic postmortem*

I am shocked that in the 21st Century, with tix over $100, the management could not transmit, tweet or text the latest critical information to some of the customers attending the show. They could then Facebook and share the latest info, good or bad. From the review of the sound quality, the gates Weir-Not Locked due to sound checks. Just a poor, sloppy buzz-kill start for many I'm sure. Does this management company also make decisions for The Canandaigua, NY Furthur 7.19.13 short-show due to lighting?

* noun / an analysis or discussion of an event held soon after it has occurred, esp. in order to determine why it was a failure !
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Re: Bears Picnic review

#276674 1 year, 2 months ago
I agree with Stricken - waiting over an hour to try to get into the venue in the blazing sun was stupid. Once in however, the overall experience was fantastic. We were a little concerned when the Peace Patrol (security) told us where to park/camp, but it turned out to be a great spot. DSO, The Fall Risk, John K Band, NRPS, Mark Karan, & The Wailers all for around $100. John jamming with the NRPS was once in a lifetime. Also mountains, a rainbow, fireflies, geese, and great people. The showers and bathrooms deteriorated as the festival wore on, but I guess that's to be expected. Furthur next year would be amazing, but I just don't see it happening. One can always hope.
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