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vegas shows

#288043 1 year ago
two words Holy and Smoke! Outstanding both nights, great sound system at Pearl as well
Not as liberal as most joints, as Palms didnt know what hit them when hippy invasion came 2 town
great meeting all especially taper todd and mike and his wife... nice to meet sunshine on the elevator

and all in all helped with the healing process with recent death of my dog Tommy...
Phil- I know Tom Thumbs blues was for him and for a moment my late dog dance with me in the aisle

take em home l.a.

love peace and prayer

deadhead dan
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Re: vegas shows

#288052 1 year ago
Thank you for the review. Glad you had a special moment. Shows are great for that. (((((((Tommy)))))))
I can't come down, it's plain to see.
I can't come down, I've been set free.
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Re: vegas shows

#288108 1 year ago
"Got any nails?"
"Got any flies?"
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Re: vegas shows

#288193 1 year ago
thanks for the Tommy shout outs guys, it means a lot
having each other, what the music of the dead always inspires
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