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Coopers 6pac RATDOG review and pics...

#315317 7 months, 2 weeks ago
Started in Detoit and finished in Louisville. I was on the rail(stage) every night besides Chicago. That show I was 3rd row and sitting right next to PatchMyFurthur and his father! (Happened to be one of my favorites! So glad to meet him!)

I have over 150 pictures here : www.facebook.com/pages/RCooper-Photography/188465124618668

I have ONE major highlight. Maybe this isnt just the highlight of this RatDog run for me. But need I say, that it could be the very most awesome live performance of Franklins Tower? (would that be blasphemy?)

Well, let me get some cred first. Franklins was played in my first GD show at Alpine '87. I saw 90 more shows with that band. Add a dozen Garcia solo shows, and 3 Bob solo shows to boot. Then after almost 10 years of post Garcia Dead abstinence ('95 Solders was going to be my last of this music ever), I went with a buddy to a RatDog show that happened to be on the same night we were out together. I remembered how much I was a Bobby fan! Did 10 RatDog shows in 3 years - then saw The Dead - 5 times that tour. Finally, came Furthur. I saw them 89 times before I sold the rest of the last tours tickets. I left Berkley with Bobby's Mission In The Rain, mid-second show. Anyways - I saw all Jackie/Bob shows and all Jonathan/Bob shows. Thats what I have done. Back to my comments on Detroits Franklin.

Maybe it was the build up of the entire night. Maybe it was the Help>Slip Stephen > Slip Sandwich... Whatever it was that happened - the Franklins had not 1 or two solos - it had three solos with Kimock on the stand up lap steel and the ceiling just blew off.

Every show was COMPLETELY different in its own awesomeness! The guest appearances were great! Bob was awesome with the crowd (he runs to stage edge on Easy Answers -twice)

I will add more pictures later - and bump this thread. Ratdog rules!

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Re: Coopers 6pac RATDOG review and pics...

#315321 7 months, 2 weeks ago
Fantastic Pictures! Thanks for sharing them, as well as the review and story.
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Re: Coopers 6pac RATDOG review and pics...

#315334 7 months, 2 weeks ago
WOW, great pictures Cooper, glad to see them. My wife and I spoke with you before the Milwaukee show, when it was so darn cold and you were starting to put names on the cardboard on the sidewalk. We looked at your iPad checking out pictures. We never came back to the front, we ended up going through the back and caught the sound check from side stage which is always fun! Saw you down on Robs side shooting pictures. You do a great job!

Hope to see you out there again!

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Re: Coopers 6pac RATDOG review and pics...

#315346 7 months, 2 weeks ago
It was so awesome meeting you. Thanks for all the great convo- NOT during the show haha hope to see ya again
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