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Fresh Boarder

Re: Furthur, TRI Studio, 6/7/11 Webcast

#93690 2 years, 11 months ago
if i could offer help to those who wish to own this recording...in mp4 format i dont mind. email me at sallyshapiro7 at a o l d o t c o m i can share it via pando. all i will be doing is forwarding it as i got it. its 153mins long. quality is amazing. no drop outs. its complete as best as i can tell. id like to have someone rip it into audio and then cut it in half for me so i can put it on two audio cds. thats my thing. i may have someone who can do this for me tho. its just an idea. btw... if i get more than 100 people stampeding my box for this i wont respond to them after the first 8 dozen. even i have my limits. haha.
ps--its 723meg in size if that matters.
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